Adopt-A-Heel 2022/2023 (Student Form)

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Adopt-A-Heel is an opportunity to create intentional relationships with those in Love Chapel Hill that are local to connect with College Students far from home. This is an opportunity for students to connect in a meaningful way with people in Love Chapel Hill that might not run in normal circles. 

Each relationship is custom to your needs and what the Hosts can provide. However, here are some potential opportunities you can have with your Host.

-Off Campus place to study

-Homecooked meals or out to dinner with new friends

-Mentorship from someone who has walked in your shoes before

-Local information about Chapel Hill. 

-A friend to reach out to while in Chapel Hill

-Someone to pray for you regularly 

There are no expectations for the relationships between students and Hosts but want to do the best we can to assure you all create meaningful relationships. 
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